Berry Creamy Live Rosin – 1g Jar

Berry Creamy Live Rosin – 1g Jar

Almora Solventless Live Rosin Concentrate is a single-origin, single-harvest rosin, brought to you by California’s most trusted sun-grown flower brand. High quality cannabis buds are flash-frozen and bathed in ice water to gently separate trichome heads, delivering incredible terpene profiles and powerful cannabinoids for the truest expression of the flower.

With parents like Cookies and Cream and Brr Berry, it’s no surprise that Berry Creamy is so delicious. This balanced hybrid has flavor like berries and cream, and a high that relaxes you without putting you to sleep. It’s perfect for unwinding after a long day, and just getting lost in whatever thoughts you can pull out of its happy, sweet cloud.

Strain Type: Hybrid

Taste Profile: Sweet, Berries, Vanilla

Effect Profile: Happy, Relaxed, Thoughtful

Lineage: Cross between Cookies and Cream and Brr Berry